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‡Cenforce is a non-prescription drug for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. This disorder is also known as impotence. The basis of this medication is the same component that is used in Viagra — Phosphorylcholine (which belongs to the class of inhibitors of phosphodiesterase 5). It is worth mentioning for those people who are not familiar with Viagra that it is a world-famous remedy for male impotence. But how is Cenforce different from Viagra? The composition of the first drug does not contain all the ingredients of Viagra and therefore it is allowed to sell it without a prescription.

Erectile Dysfunction

Men start taking Cenforce 100 when there is a need to improve their sex life, they want to increase their sexual activity and eliminate self-doubt. The aforementioned ingredient L-arginine acts as an assistant for the production of nitrogenous oxygen, which reduces inflammation in the body — one of the serious causes of heart problems. With a decrease in oxygen in the body, blood vessels dilate, which in turn improve blood flow to the limbs of a person. The heart becomes healthier and stronger when the flow of blood increases and allows blood to reach various parts of the human body.

As already mentioned, one of the main reasons for the failure of men in bed is the quality of their blood circulation, so using Cenforce you can achieve positive changes in sexual life and the state of the body and heart in general. But it is believed that the dose of Cenforce is not large enough to help those men who, in addition to everything else, are suffering from heart disease, or vice versa, who have normal blood pressure.

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How to Take Cenforce 100 Tablets

Cenforce is available in various dosages ranging from 25 mg to 200 mg. In this discussion, we will focus on a dosage of 100 mg. Before initiating any medication that affects penile function, it is crucial to undergo a thorough examination and seek medical advice. The medication should be taken as prescribed and not discontinued without consulting a doctor. Ideally, the tablet should be taken orally with water, approximately one hour after a meal. It is advisable to avoid heavy or fatty meals prior to planned sexual activity with Cenforce, as this may affect the onset time and efficacy of the medication.

Immediate results should not be expected, as it may take up to thirty minutes for the medicine to become effective. It is important to exercise caution with the dosage and avoid exceeding it, as this can potentially lead to a prolonged and painful erection. In the event of an accidental overdose with no noticeable effects, it is still recommended to consult a doctor, as the consequences may be unpredictable. Chewing the tablet is not recommended for optimal efficacy. Additionally, the consumption of strong alcoholic beverages is generally prohibited, as it can delay the drug’s onset of action and increase the risk of side effects.

Warnings and Precautions

The manufacturer Cenforce lists on its website a list of ingredients that are included in this preparation and certifies that they have been tested in laboratories: penicillin, L-glutamine, d-glucosamine, G, N-acetyl and choline bitartrate. The combination of these drugs is turning into an effective medicine for men in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

As with any drug, Cenforce has a number of warnings and recommendations:

  • In addition to the attending physician, it is worth consulting with a sexologist before taking the medicine;
  • This drug is intended only for men, and girls and women should give up the idea of ​​taking it;
  • All illnesses and medical records should be reported to your doctor;
  • It is not recommended to use those patients who have problems with the liver or kidneys;
  • The doctor must also know whether the patient has had any operations;
  • When taking the drug, you should not drive a car or bicycle, as well as avoid lifting heavy objects.

If you experience any negative consequences after taking Cenforce, you should consult a doctor, and not make independent rash decisions.

Storage Method

Like many medicines, Cenforce should be stored in a cool, dry place (below 27 degrees Celsius). It is important to remember that since this drug is intended only for men, it should be kept away from children and female partners. The storage location should not be exposed to moisture or direct sunlight.

Side Effects of Cenforce 100

With increased or standard doses, side effects may occur that can cause discomfort to the patient. In general, side effects are minor and limited to a headache — it disappears or decreases 30–40 minutes after taking Cenforce. However, if the headache is prolonged and does not go away on its own, then medical intervention and consultation with a doctor may be necessary.

A more serious side effect is a prolonged erection that does not go away after 4 hours after taking the medication. This may be stimulated by an overdose or simply by an unexpected consequence of taking the medication under certain conditions. This effective medicine for male erectile dysfunction, if taken incorrectly, can also cause such unpleasant consequences as:

  • Upset stomach or cramps;
  • Nosebleed;
  • Redness of the skin of the face;
  • Bad dream;
  • Elevated temperature;
  • Nausea and vomiting;
  • Sore throat;
  • Runny nose.

In general, patients do not complain of serious side effects and are able to cope with them themselves, without medical intervention. But advice from a pharmacist or doctor is always a good idea.


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